Change to the Bowling Protocol

As of the 26th June, the Spanish National Government is relaxing the rule for wearing masks in public.

From that date, you will be allowed to remove your mask outdoors IF the minimum safe distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained.

From a Lawn Bowls perspective, this means we may forgo the wearing of masks on the green IF we can be certain that we can ensure that safe distance is kept.

Following discussions, it was agreed that the only way to be certain that this could be done was to reduce the numbers congregating at each end, which should be kept to a maximum of TWO.

This is obviously no problem for the Skips, or Leads in Pairs matches. However, for Triples matches where there would normally be 4 people in relatively close proximity, this makes keeping the 1.5 meter distance at all times more of a problem.

Therefore, in Triples matches:

         When it is the turn of the Leads to bowl, the Seconds must stand at least TWO meters behind the non-bowler, whilst at the same time keeping TWO meters distance between each other and from bowlers on adjoining rinks. On longer Jack lengths, this may require them to step off the green entirely.

         Once the Leads have bowled they must take up the positions their Seconds have vacated.

All other protocols remain in place as they currently stand - hand sanitising, disinfecting equipment, keeping to the right of the rink when crossing over, etc.

It should also be remembered that the relaxation in wearing masks is only allowed OUTDOORS.

Finally, whilst the National Government has brought in the new guidelines, the Regional Governments are NOT in favour of doing so. The President of Andalucia, (where the infection rate is once again rising rapidly and currently has the highest number of cases in Spain) has recommended that everyone continue to wear their masks at all times.

The FAB urges everyone to follow his recommendation – we have worked hard to keep safe, it would be unfortunate if we took unnecessary risks at this stage.



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1. RISK ASSESSMENT Lawn Bowls has several advantages in the current Covid-19 environment.


a. It is an outdoor sport.


b. There is normally no physical contact between players.


c. It is possible to maintain the safety distance of 1.5 meters between players .


While the sport is played in purpose built Sports Centers, there is little contact with the general public, limiting the risk of infection largely to those within the Lawn Bowls community.


The essential risk would lie in the contact with the game material and the possible air transmission between the competitors.


However, almost all of our current Members fall within the “Veterans” grouping of the FAB, with the overwhelming majority also falling within the Governments “High Risk” age group. This adds another level of risk to the assessment we have to make.



2. OBJECTIVES: Prevention and mitigation of any COVID-19 contagions during Lawn Bowls practice and Lawn Bowling competitions held in Andalusia.


The main objective is to establish guidelines and instructions to ensure that our sport of Lawn Bowls can be enjoyed with the maximum possible safety to avoid contagion.




3.1 COUNCIL: Ministry of Education and Sports.





4.1 GENERAL PROTOCOL. In addition to the Protocols for Sport Centres laid down by the Junta de Andalucia, the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Education and Sports and the general guidelines for Bowling from the Federación Andaluza De Bolos,the following protocols must be adhered to. Where something is mentioned in those Protocols but not in this, then that Protocol must still be followed. Where something is mentioned in this Protocol it takes preference over what may be written in other Protocols.


(a) All Clubs must produce their own Covid 19 Protocol for their premises. This must include but not limited to, detailed hygiene protocols - what is being disinfected, when, how often and by whom. If your Club is opened outside of Club days what protocols are followed by individuals coming to practice?


(b) If you have a bar / restaurant these should be included in your protocols and follow the rules laid down by the Junta de Andalucia. Bars and restaurants are not covered by these protocols. If you are unsure of what needs to be covered ask us.


(c) Each Club must appoint a Covid19 Co-ordinator who will be responsible for ensuring all protocols are being met within your Club. The Co-ordinator will also be responsible for contact the authorities should an outbreak occur or an individual Club member be infected by or come into contact with someone who has come into contact with the virus.


(d) The Club must maintain a register of everyone who visits the Club, whether to play, spectate or any other reason. The register must contain name and contact details for each individual, along with date and time of the visit and the reason for the visit. This register must be made available to the authorities should an outbreak occur or an individual Club member be infected by or come into contact with someone who has come into contact with the virus.


(e) There will be a maximum occupancy of the green of 65% allowed for each session. This refers to the number of people that would normally be allowed on your bowling green, not the number of Rinks. E.g. an 8 rink green would normally have a maximum number ofpeople of 64. A 4 rink green would normally have a maximum number of people of 32. The new maximum would be 65% of that number. There is no limit to the number of sessions per day.


(f) Masks are mandatory at all times. Masks are required because:


  • We are a sedentary sport (we do not run around
  • We are a high risk age group (over 65 with underlying health issues)
  • We are a Team sport


Clubs must have spare masks available should they be required.





(1) On arrival at the Club you must sanitise your hands. Hand Sanitiser must be made available close to the entrance.


(2) On arrival at the Club you must submit to a temperature check. Anyone who has a temperature higher than 37.5º cannot enter.


(3) On arrival at the Club, you must put your name and contact details into a Register, along with the date and time of your visit. You must complete a simple form to answer questions to detect if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. (Appendix One)


(4) The Club must ensure this is maintained and recorded in case of an outbreak. Records must be available for 14 days.


(5) Extra vigilance must be taken in areas where people congregate (entrance to the Club, ends of Rinks etc.)


(6) Close physical contact is NOT allowed. Keep the 1.5 meter distance at all times.


(7) Respiratory hygiene: coughing and sneezing in the elbow flexure, use of disposable tissues, etc.


(8) Socialising before and after games must observe Social Distancing regulations - i.e. 1.5m between people. Face masks must be worn at all times. Outside terraces may have up to 100% of normal capacity, inside areas up to 65% of capacity, providing distances are maintained.


(9) Bowls bags and personal equipment may not be touched or shared by anyone other than its owner. They must be held in designated areas.


(10) Do not share water bottles or the like.


(11) Food and drinks must not be shared. Putting food on shared platters or shared bowls is not allowed.


(12) Physical contact is NOT allowed. This includes hugs, handshakes, fist bumps and elbow bumps.


(13) Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters at all times. If this is not possible – for example behind the head on long Jacks, step off the green when necessary.


(14) When passing over between ends, keep to the right hand side of the green. If it is required to talk to your own team when crossing over, ensure the 1.5 meter distance is maintained.


(15) Ensure you make use of hand sanitiser frequently throughout the game.


(16) Avoid touching other people’s bowls whenever possible. – sanitise your hands if you have to do so. This includes when marking a toucher (use spray chalk if possible), taking shots out of a measure, picking bowls out of the ditch, collecting bowls at the completion of an End. Sanitise your hands frequently!


(17) Avoid passing the Mat or Jack to another player. If you have to - sanitise your hands frequently!


(18) One person per rink should accept the responsibility for changing the scoreboard.


(19) One person per rink should accept responsibility for using the “pusher” - it would make sense for this to be a number 2 rather than a lead as either lead may be required to be setting the Mat and Jack. If it is you - sanitise your hands frequently!


(20) After each session all communal areas (toilets, changing areas, tables, chairs etc.) must be disinfected.


(21) The entire Club must be disinfected TWICE per day, when open.


(22) Limitations and disinfection in the use of changing rooms, toilets and showers that must be cleaned at the start of each day and at least once every 8 hours of use of the spaces. Users will be instructed to clean their hands before and after accessing the toilets.


(23) There must be posters about frequent hand washing, a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters and the mandatory use of masks.


(24) The governing body of each Club is responsible for ensuring all protocols are followed. If there is no governing body, then responsibility lies with the Owner.


Special Circumstances: The 65% occupancy limit does not automatically apply to all Competitions - such as the League, Malaga Provincials, Club Opens etc. Each of these must have an F.A.B. approved Player Safety Plan in place before the Competition is allowed to take place.




The risks of contagion can be greatly reduced within the Bowls facilities providing EVERYONE follows these straightforward guidelines that can be summarised as 3 Golden Rules








Follow these rules and we can enjoy our bowling throughout this pandemic.